Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Twofer

Rick and I planned yesterday that we would do 6-8 miles at Brad today.  That night I planned with Xar to run in the afternoon at Thorncrag.  When Rick found that out, he suggested we go with the 6 miles.  That was fine by me.

We arrived around 9 am while it was still foggy.  We started slowly, both sort of stiff.  My left butt/hammy transition is still tight and painful.  It does loosen up, but still reminds me during the run that its not quite right.  We had to stick to the mountain as the sound of gunfire reminded us.  We ran the Boundary to the Boundary/Tote connector, to the Reverse Mindy, to the boundary, to a path that connected back to the Tote, to the summit, down Terrace, up the Boundary to the new trail up that bypasses the rocky up of the Boundary, to the Reverse Mindy in the reverse direction from the first time, to Tote, onto Krista's Loop (I managed to stay on track this time), down Northern Loop, up Ski, to Northern Bluff, and, finally, down Terrace back to the lot.  My garmin read 6.01.
the fog cleared

on Northern Bluff

Tropical fish at Brad?
 I met Xar at 1:30.  She greeted me with half a voice, more than half way through some virus.  We started gingerly; my pain in the ass was stiffer.  We traded turkey days as we ran.  I loosened up, so did junk in Unstrung's lungs.  I wanted to take another statue picture.  When I reached for my phone, it wasn't there.  Slight panic.  Xar took a statue picture with her camera.  Before we retraced our steps in search of my phone, we decided to run back to the cars to see if it never made it into my pack.  Phew!  It was on the floor of my car.  I checked the time.  I only had enough for another short loop.  I had to get Spot to a vet appointment.  We managed to run just over 4 miles.  Xar assured me that was the right amount for her in her present state.

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  1. More great pictures and great reports Val! Looking forward to hanging out at T-crag in a few weeks.