Thursday, November 1, 2012

Brad Two Ways

I lucked out to have Unstrung company for my last weekday Brad run before my new job (I start Monday).  I was a little worried that we had to stick to the moutain side because, thus far, her return to running from the lower leg issues have been on flat ground.  She didn't seemed worried.  We ran, chatted, picked the random down branches up, and just loved Brad as we went. 

I twisted my ankle on nothing.  First time I'd felt the pain that wraps around my left arch in a while.  Not long thereafter, I slipped on some dry leaves going down a little drop.  I made a big deal of it.  I was sure I'd hurt my right achilles.  After some tender steps, I was able to run.  Damn.  I hate it when I make a fuss over nothing.  It was just scared and acted hurt.  We ended the run down South Ridge.  Xar's achilles/calf had just started talking to her.  Thanks Xar, thanks Xar's parts for a great send off. 

I still had some time so kept running.  I re-twisted the left ankle, just to make sure I had a reason to have it grump at me.  It wasn't bad enough to stop running though.  I finished with just over 6 miles. 

I picked up a seasonal salad at E&Ls to perk up the greens I had for our dinner's salad.  Good call.


  1. Brad is good. <3

    That was a wild stumble - not a nothing. Wicked glad it was not worse. I am not used to witnessing the surefooted Scout capsize. I hope all the various other twists leave you with no artifacts.

  2. I think Brad was upset with you for going back to work. :)