Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quick Catch Up

So, I'm gonna get back to regular posts eventually.  Just like last year when I started working, I'm trying to get the hang of the new routine - or, more correctly, establish a routine.  I'm away from home for just as many hours as before, but the work day is longer (hardly a 10 minute commute).  I have so much to learn.  It's very exciting.  Meanwhile, I can't seem to make myself take the time to write.

Since my last post, I got in another short night time run with Rick on Thursday.  I think I talked about my work the entire run.  The weekend was perfect for running.  I met a large group of TMs at Pineland (I know, I know...).  I think there was a main group and maybe a couple splinter groups.  Unstrung, Squirrel, and I ran together on the Oak Hill side.  We ran a slow pace with relaxed conversation.  That pace on the gentler side was okay for all my sore parts.  The back even felt better after the run.  Sunday, Brad.  Mmmm, Brad.  This time Nathan was added to the Scout, Squirrel, Unstrung Trio.  We waited for a couple of minutes anticipating the arrival of the final member of our party, Ruby.  Mary brought her to run with us.  She's a good mom, finding Ruby running partners while Mary knits her hip bone back together.  Ruby was well behaved and a pleasure to run with.  We met Mary back in the parking lot after an hour (that seemed the right amount for Ruby's conditioning), then headed out for the power lines.  So we had 11 miles on Saturday and 15.8 on Sunday.

I did a solo TNR on the fields around the house.  On the second lap across the street, I met up with a small, almost black porcupine.  It was definitely a young one.  He headed for the nearest tree, not believing my assurances that I was no danger.  On the way back, I noticed he'd climbed even higher.  Don't fall on me!

I'm hoping to get out to Thorncrag today after I get the turkey in the oven.  We always have our big meal late.  At my house growing up, the menfolk didn't come in from hunting (bird/rabbit season in MA) till almost 5pm, so the dinner was 6ish.  Now, I like it cause I think that's the soonest I can get things together.

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  1. Menfolk sounds like another species. :>

    Glad you had a pleasant porcupine encounter at Scoutland. <3